Cambodian Curry Mussels

Oh dear, where has summer gone? It’s almost Fall here in Minnesota and you can definitely feel the weather changing. No Fall recipes yet, I’m still trying to savor the last golden days of summer by cooking and eating as much bbqs and seafood as possible. Like this Cambodian curry mussels.  Read more

Cigar and Whiskey – 30th birthday

We usually don’t throw parties or make a big fuss over birthdays in our household. We rather save that money for a birthday trip! This year was different though. The boyfriend finally turned 30! That’s an awesome milestone to celebrate. I knew I had to throw him a big birthday bash and welcome him to adulthood (yes, adulthood starts at 30 .HA). Everything was put together last min. I knew I wanted the theme to be all about him, but still wanted it to add my special touches here and there. So, the theme was cigar and whiskey with a color scheme of black, white, and gold.  Read more

My top 10 favorite things to do in Oahu!

Hi guys! Sorry I’ve been away for awhile, I went on vacation and totally forgot about everything. As it should be. 😉 Wanted to share a little of my vacation and my top 10 favorite things to do in Oahu with everyone. You will be shocked with number 6! Read more

Earth Day Macarons

Happy Earth Day everyone! I hope everyone is doing their part for the earth. I know in the past year I have become a recycle maniac!  I even make the bf dig out trash that can be recyclable haha! To reward his/our good effort I decided to make macarons inspired by our beautiful planet! Yup, they taste as good as they look. Read more